Grow Up Smiling (GuS) is a FREE* mobile dental program that delivers oral health care and education for students at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools across South Australia.

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Q1. What are the costs of your service if my child is not eligible for CDBS?

There is no out of pocket expense for any child/teen seen by the GuS program onsite at a school, OSHC, kindy or child care.

Q2. What are the minimum numbers for the program?

Generally we require around 15 eligible children to consent to run our program if your site is located within metro-Adelaide.

Q3. What if our school/site is located outside of metro-Adelaide?

We currently visit a multitude of sites across regional and remote South Australia, so please contact us directly to find out if we can make a visit to your site a reality.

Q4. What if our school/site is located outside of South Australia?

We primarily visit sites within South Australia, so please contact us directly if your school/ site is located interstate to discuss what options are available to you.

Q5. What is the maximum number of students/kids a site can register?

There is no maximum number.

Q6. Can parents / guardians attend appointments?


Q7. What if further treatment is required that cannot be undertaken onsite?

During the appointment, we will perform a general examination of your child’s oral health, and where relevant, recommend treatment tailored to their needs, which may not be able to be performed in a mobile setting. Most treatments recommended can be performed at a Grow Up Smiling (GuS) partner clinic by a dental professional with minimal out of pocket expense.

Q8. What If My Child Is Not Eligible Under The CDBS?

Even if your child is not eligible under the CDBS, they will still be able to participate in the GuS program at no out of pocket expense to the school or parents - so long as all requested information and records are submitted to their teacher by the school deadline.

Q9. Can I reschedule my child’s appointment?

Please contact us ASAP if you have to reschedule any appointments, or in the event that your child fails to attend their appointment.

Q10. What quality assurance does your program have?

While the first thing you notice about Grow Up Smiling (GuS) is our fun, playful atmosphere, you should also know that we take your family´s dental care very seriously.

All our partnering dentists and hygienists are fully licensed professionals and have the relevant training and police clearances to operate in the broadest variety of situations and locations. But that’s just the first step in becoming a delivery partner. All partnering dental clinics and their staff take part in continuing education classes and case review studies, so that they stay at the forefront of new treatments and procedures. Our partnering dentists also take their time with you and your child to ensure that all patients get safe, comprehensive treatment.

Our exceptional training program ensures that our dental partners understand Australian Dental Association (ADA) guidelines. But in addition to all the training we require our partners to undertake, one of the most important things we look for is the ability to make you and your child smile-because we know that’s an important skill too!

At GuS we provide quality care in a clean and safe environment. We maintain a rigorous compliance program supporting your family’s dental care that uses modern electronic health records, digital radiography technology, and computer-based practice management systems. You can be confident that our procedures ensure we hold ourselves, and your family’s care, to the highest professional standards.

To underline the extent of our compliance, our mobile operations are certified by QIP to adhere to the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards for Dentists.

At GuS, you not only get a fun environment, you’re also getting quality dental care. So you can relax - you´re in good hands with GuS every step of the way!

Please contact us directly if your school/site has any further questions about our program’s quality assurance and compliance framework.

Q11. What is QIP?

Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) is a certification and accreditation organisation dedicated to supporting health and community services to manage risk and quality through the provision of Accreditation, certification and quality assurance services. Learn more below.